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Easy to Use
Adjust volume levels Speed dial Page a call Turn speakerphone on or off Redial previous number Place call on hold Transfer a call Phone line in use by another handset Global pickup Phone line in use by this handset LCD Display

Basic Operation

Out of the box, all phones will ring when there is an incoming call and the corresponding line light will flash red. Every phone can both make and receive calls and are unrestricted in the numbers they can dial.

Move your mouse over the orange areas to view the phone functions.
Phone Functions

The EasyPBX system allows you to customise your phone system to suit your businesses individual needs. All basic configuration and programming options of the system can be easily performed via a standard EasyPBX handset, and our easy to follow user guide takes you through each process step by step. Below are some examples of configuration and programming options:

Basic Configuration

  • Setting the Time and Date
  • Setting a time based alarm
  • Changing the volume level

Programming Options

  • Switch between internal and external music on hold
  • Paging tones
  • Callback from hold
  • Phone Extension Names
  • Three way calling